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Hero Album: Hero Vidar Exposes

News2015-01-29 09:53:10

Machinist: Vidar

Cowardly Vidar is an Orc inventor. It has an adventurous spirit despite his cowardly nature. Vidar built a gigantic robot. People thought the robot was Vidar itself. Few actually knew Vidar was just a kitty cat.


Evil-Wyrm devoured gentle Vidar and mde it a cowardly wracker. The abandoned metropolis was devastated even after the evil dragon was defeated and sealed off. Adventure Heroes came here and sought for survivors but were blocked by the gigant robot. Its extreme heat and lightning stopped the heroes from marching on.


At least Ilyina used the power of Elven Forest and returned Vidar back to his normal self. Vidar joined Adventure Hero and continued his quest.